Command : basic11

Overview You must put tape file in the root folder. Starts basic11, and cload your game Download zip file with some working tape : Software working with this rom : every tape file with only tape file on it. Tested : cockin cyclotron cmpi demo edge freecell impossible mission (Twilighte) lorigraph nyatmos Stormlord Skooldaze Read more about Command : basic11[…]

Command : Vidplay

Download here the tgz. gzip + tar on sdcard. On the Telestrat : # cd /usr/share/vidplay# ls#vidplay thefileyouwant.vhi Usage : vidplay file.vhi How to convert a video file into the format VHI Download VLC Download pictconv (OSDK package) use vlc to convert video into 240*XXX video use VLC to have each frames : Convert Read more about Command : Vidplay[…]