A new OS running on a mass storage

Boring to trying to find storage on the oric? like Floppy disk controllers (microdisc/jasmin) ? Orix and this hardware can correct this. Because you can have a 8 GB (but maybe more) usb key on the oric to start everything you want from this storage.


The goal of this OS (and the hardware) is to :

  • run/load program from sdcard/usb key
  • have a mass storage
  • have it working on a telestrat and atmos
  • produce and build a card for each person which would like to have it without any skills in electronic or software
  • manage sedoric and jasmin drive
  • start demo or others stuff with only one configuration.

Orix : what is this ?

Orix needs 3 banks to run :

Each banks is useful :

  • telemon 3.0 contains many primitives (keyboard, joystick management, print, hires primitives charset and so on…)
  • Orix contains all code to manage starting apps, reading file, some tools (viewhires)
  • Atmos roms contains atmos rom modified : only the cload and the memory test are deleted. It can help to start in oric atmos mode or for starting .tap file


Orix has be done to have an universal OS (working on all Oric machine). The main goal was to start and code on the native machine.

This project is a the result of 8 months of work and 8/10 hours a week (building electronic card/OS/emulator, compiler …).

If you want to know the story of this project, you can read the readme of the orix github source code. Orix story

The first preview of Orix was at the Alchimie meeting in France (october 2016).

The first released version had been shown at the ceo meeting (january 2017)