Orix comes with some apps. Below, some working on Orix ni native mode.

All these apps are available in a binary :

It's a little port of Dbug's game.

Man page available.

Orix 4kkong source code

Return the type of the file

Detect if it's an orix file. Or if it's a script file (#!) or a LZ77 file

Working usages :

/#file /bin/file
/#file monfichier.txt

source code

Display manual

Working usages :

/#man man
/#man telemon

source code

It's the stormlord port Orix Stormlord source code

Work in progress

tar source code

Only the storybook is working.

It's the Times of lore storybook port Orix Times of lore source code

Create a file

Working usages :

/#touch me.txt
/#touch /etc/passwd

source code