Sittler card

it's an “Atmos to telestrat converter” but not only that

Legend :

  • 8-) : working
  • :-( : not working
  • :-| : work in progress

This card will add :

  • 2 joysticks port (or one mouse and one for joystick) like telestrat with a 65C22 :-(
  • a 65C22 (for Timers, joystick management etc). 8-)
  • an eeprom to add bank switching (like telestrat) :-|
  • IRQ on this 65C22 is disabled, but it can be enable with a jumper. :-|
  • mass storage chip :-|
  • micro sd card slot :-|
  • usb port :-|
  • reset button :-|
  • micro USB connector for external psu :-|
  • amplified signal :-|
  • will work on telestrat. A jumper will disable the hardware in the telestrat already :-|
  • 2 connectors which will allow to connect a microdisc drive, another for jasmin drive. ROMDIS pin will be disabled avoiding auto booting from drives :-|
  • eeprom will be programmed without any eeprom programmer. It will be updated with software (and a 65C22 pins will do the job)
  • compatibility with Atmostratgx : eeprom will be linear (maybe from $c00000 to $ffffff) for Orix in 16 bits mode
  • a static ram to extend Atmostratgx

It does not handle :

  • Serial port
  • FDC and all the electronic to have floppy disc working.

And there is no “ampli bus” function on this card

This card is more expensive than cardridge or ch376 card on this site because the card are bigger, there is more chip, and 2 mainly : EEPROM and 65C22.

Below, the first version :