Many features availables

  • new header to manage ROM versions, CPU type etc Orix header
Oric HD
read usbkey (Max 32 GB) :YES:
read SDCARD (Max 32 GB) :YES:
read FAT32 :YES:
32bits file pointer offset :YES:
HID usb devices (joysticks, keyboards, mouse) :YES:
Manage long filename :YES:
Works with microdisc connected :YES:
Works with jasmin connected :YES:
Oricutron emulation (no HID devices emulation) :YES:
Euphoric emulation :NO:
eeprom on the card :NO:
Orix State
reads from usbkey :YES:
reads from SDCARD :NO:
ready for cc65 :YES:
ready for XA65 :YES:
ready for CA65 :YES:
ready for osdk compiler :NO:
starts Orix binary :YES:
open file ('r' & 'w' flags only) :YES:
read file :YES:
write file :YES:
close file :YES:
malloc (memory) :YES:
free (memory) :YES:
multitasking :NO:
16 bits file pointer offset :YES:
32 bits file pointer offset :NO:
rs232 :YES:
joysticks :YES:
FDC 1793 :NO:
Manage long filename :NO:
Manage 8+3 filename :YES:
starts o65 format :NO:
Open multiple files at the same time :NO: Started
Handles TAP files :YES: With basic11 command
Handles FTDOS files :NO:
Handles SEDORIC files :NO: Started
Handles Stratsed files :NO:
6502 version :YES:
65C02 version :YES:
65C816 version :NO:
cc65 Development state
[C] Passing args to command line :YES:
[conio] clrscr :YES:
[conio] gotox :YES:
[conio] gotoxy :YES:
[conio] gotoy :YES:
[conio] wherex :YES:
[conio] wherey :YES:
[stdio] fopen ('r' & 'w' flags only) :YES:
[stdio] fread :YES:
[sdtio] fclose :YES:
[sdtio] fseek :NO: started
[stdio] fwrite :NO: started
[sdtio] getcwd :YES:
mkdir :NO:
free :NO:
malloc :NO:
[TGI] tgi_init :YES:
[TGI] tgi_setpixel :YES:
[TGI] tgi_line :YES:
[TGI] tgi_done :YES:
[TGI] tgi_install :YES:
[devices] rs232 :NO:
Telemon headers (ZP,$2xx to $800 adress) :YES:
All ch376 primitives written :YES:
All ch376 primitives written :YES:
Telemon headers (ZP,$2xx to $800 adress) :YES:
XA65 assembler : headers available :YES:
Compiler :NO:
Available Location Development state
basic11 (starts atmos rom) :YES: orix kernel
basic10 (starts Oric-1 rom) :NO:
bootfd :YES: Binary (not working on twilighte card)
cat :YES: orix kernel
cd :YES: orix kernel
ch376 :YES:
clear :YES: orix kernel
cp :YES: orix kernel
env :YES: orix kernel
gunzip :YES:
gzip :NO:
ipkg :YES: Started
ioports :YES: orix kernel
file :YES:
help :YES: orix kernel
ls :YES: orix kernel
lscpu :YES: orix kernel
lsmem :YES: orix kernel
man :YES: orix kernel
meminfo :YES:
mkdir :YES: Binary
mym ( mym player) :YES:
mv :YES: orix kernel
ps :NO:
pwd :YES: orix kernel
reboot :YES: orix kernel
rm :YES: orix kernel
shell scripts :NO: Started
tar :NO: Started
touch :YES: orix kernel
uname :YES: orix kernel
viewhrs :YES: oeix kernel
vi :NO: Started
vidplay (video player) :YES:
Games Location
4kkong :YES: Binary
Oricium :YES:
Stormlord :YES:
Times of lore (Story book only) :YES:
Demo Location
Rambo music :YES: Binary
video demo :YES:
Nyatmos :YES: Binary