It's used with Orix. If you want to help contact me : jede[at]oric[DOT]org. I am french, so it's useless to speak english if you are french :)

The main chip is a CH376 chip. It can handle sdcard, usbkey, usb devices (mouse, joystick, keyboard …).

This extension can handle 32 GB usb key and a sdcard (micro sdcard) 32 GB. It means that Oric has now a 64 GB of storage.

The goal of this extension is to add a 'harddrive' on the Oric.

This extension uses #340 and #341 adress on the extension bus.

It works with atmos (6502, 65C02) and telestrat, and maybe AtmostratGx but not tested yet.

IRQ (P5) and reset (P4) signals are not activated. But on the board, it's possible to add some jumpers to enable this signal.

Also, this card adds [A0 to A7] amplified signals on a header. On this header, there is 4 pins which decode #310 to #31F, #320 to #32F, #330 to #33F, #340 to #34F address on the bus (J1 jumper)

FAQ (english)

  • this card is fully compatible with atmos, but it's only a “hard drive”. It needs an hardware to switch into ram overlay, a rom to start an OS on the atmos.
  • this card is now running on telestrat because the cardridge (Orix) is available, and the electronic to switch into overlay ram is on the motherboard. Stratoric is not working yet because it require some code.
  • For telestrat owner, there many thing to start to code on Orix with that.
  • sedoric is not working yet.

FAQ (french)

  • la carte est compatible au niveau hardware avec l'Atmos, mais il n'est pas possible avec cette carte de : passer en ram overlay et ne comporte pas de rom
  • cette carte est surtout utilisable avec le telestrat qui a de base ce hard (switch de ram overlay et rom). Cette carte ne permet pas (pour l'instant de booter sur un sedoric, sauf si quelqu'un se propose).
  • les personnes avec un telestrat peuvent d'ores et déjà l'avoir et l'utiliser
  • sedoric ne fonctionne pas encore (pour l'instant)

It's used with Orix