Known bugs

cat does not display some chars when it founds '<' char and '#'. If it reaches this king of char, telemon refuse to display any others chars. This bug is located in telemon30 in XWR0 primitives

when you do a fread, the next one won't work because cc65 flags the opened file at feof. It's a bug in read() primitive written for telemon

nb=fread(&buffer,20,1,fp); // this will work but the next one won't work
nb=fread(&buffer,10,1,fp); // won't work because fp is set to feof

Work around, use read(…) function

You can load only one file at once. It's a telemon limits (working on it), it's the same for fread,fclose too.

Sometimes fread refuse to read any bytes in cc65.


will works but it must not, correct syntax is

#cd bin 

there is the same problem for all commands