Functions not available in the current version

  • does not handle overlay RAM (It's possible for telestrat because internal electronic manage it easily).
  • can read only 64KB of file by FREAD primitive (software limitation) It's mainly because file pointer is 16 bits
  • only 4 levels of directory (it could be unlimited, but each folder consumes memory.)
  • orix can't read floppy disk (if you want to code it). Let's go writing it ! can't start/read a sedoric file/jasmin
  • fopen primitive handles “r” and “w” only
  • fseek not coded yet in cc65
  • telemon30 handles only one file opened. It just means that you can't read and write in 2 differents file. The workaround is to use buffer to read all the file and write this buffer to a new file
  • orix does not close the executable launched : work in progress
  • can't start a disk from microdisc boot sector : work in progress (bootfd available)
  • malloc
  • many opened files

And see Known bug