New version of telemon

Telemon is a 16 KB bank. This bank contains a lot of primitives. Telemon can works alone. But, Orix needs Telemon to work.

Telemon 3.0 has all routines from Telemon 2.4 (released in 1986).

Telemon 3 contains some majors changes :

  • all minitel primitives are now deleted (but some code should remains)
  • some primitives are added (XOPEN which can open a file on a usbkey/XFREAD : it reads bytes from the file opened by XOPEN)

These primitives can be used in assembly.

Example : I need to return at the begginning of the next line in text mode


XA does not manage “brk $XX” syntax, a macro is available in toolchains headers


If you redirect IRQ vectors, telemon primitives won't work ! Because BRK enters by the vector address in telemon vector. You can also code a jmp to the old vectors

In C (cc65), fopen is in fact XOPEN telemon primtive. fread is XFREAD primitive !

If you want more information about Telemon primitive, here is the link to oric-common : Telemon 3.0 header

Telemon 3.0 contains all Telemon 2.4 primitives, videotex primitives excepted

Source code is available here :Source code

You need xa to build the source code

There is two branch : 2.4 which is the 1986 version. master contains telemon 3.0