• Under windows, create an oric folder
  • unzip osdk in this oric folder (and add %OSDK% environment vars as described in OSDK documentation)
  • unzip cc65 in this oric folder (and add %CC65% environment vars as _YOUR_PATH_\oric\cc65\bin = %CC65%
  • unzip oricutron in this oric folder (and add %ORICUTRON% environment vars as _YOUR_PATH_\oricutron\
  • create a folder “projects”
  • in “projects” folder, create “oric_software” folder, use tortoise git clone in order to install oric-common
  • in oric\oricutron folder, unzip oricutron_usbkey in it, it adds usbdrive folder (oricutron will read from here), and a binary with usbkey management (this version is a debug binary, it will generate a .txt file with all the debug for usb key extension
  • In oric\oricutron, copy all roms from (see above) into oric\oricutron\roms\
  • install git/tortoise git
  • in oric folder, create a projects folder.

Final tree :



Modify oricutron.cfg (oricutron folder) : like that

 telebank5 = 'roms/orix10'
 telebank6 = 'roms/basic11b_noram_test'
 telebank7 = 'roms/telemon30'
 machine =  telestrat
 ; You need to install a stratsed.dsk because Oricutron refuses to boot when there is no dsk (instead of real computer)
 diskimage = 'teledisks/stratsed.dsk'


In Oricutron Folder, start Oricutron.exe

At this step, you have all working. You can try “uname -a”. If you start ls, you will see nothing. You can put files into usbdrive folder of oricutron.

You can know start working :)