Twilighte card V0.3 : Trouble shooting

Black screen or garbage on screen

First try : Switch off, switch on

Second try : Switch off, switch on with DEL key pressed. If it starts, it’s a software issue not corrected yet. When orix starts, it does not initialize memory. In that case, orix tries to start but reached a variable with another value than it expects. It’s a software issue

If DEL does not work : it’s an hardware issue, let me know

Bank command : screen displays garbages chars

If you did before : ‘twil -w’ to switch to RAM bank, if you tries to launch bank, it will try to display RAM bank signature, but i bank signature is not set by shell when it’s RAM bank. It’s a software issue. You need to restart the oric in this case.

Basic11 refuse to start

Switch off the oric, and switch on and type basic11 : If it works, it means that an orix command did a modification in memory which blocks basic11 to start : It’s a software issue not corrected yet.

basic11 can’t start some tapefile

It’s mainly a software issue. Basic11 can’t read a .tap file with many tape file in it.

ls does not work well and i can’t load any program

it’s an hardware issue. Wait 30 mins with the oric running, try again ls, if it works.