April 25, 2018



Twilighte card emulation is done in oricutron when you start a telestrat, enable in oricutron.cfg ch376 and when orix banks are inserted in telebank*


  1. Download & install oricutron with telestrat support and sdcard support (win32/win64/android/macOS) : http://iss.sandacite.com/iss/oricutron/
  2. Download Orix roms and binaries (Kernel, shell, monitor, basic11, forth & empty roms) : http://repo.orix.oric.org/dists/official/tgz/6502/sdcard.tgz
  3. create in oricutron folder, a new folder named “sdcard” at the same level than roms
  4. Untar/Unzip sdcard.tgz in this new folder (sdcard/)
  5. move sdcard/usr/share/kernel/kernelsd.rom into roms/ oricutron folder
  6. copy sdcard/usr/share/shell/shellsd.rom into roms/ oricutron folder
  7. copy sdcard/usr/share/basic/2020.3/basicsd.rom into roms/ oricutron folder
  8. copy sdcard/usr/share/emptyrom/emptyrom.rom into roms/ oricutron folder
  9. Edit Oricutron.cfg and set machine to machine = telestrat
  10. Edit Oricutron.cfg and set to ch376 = yes
  11. Edit Oricutron.cfg and set telebank like this :
    • ;telebank0 = ‘roms/empty’
    • telebank1 = ‘roms/empty’
    • telebank2 = ‘roms/empty’
    • telebank3 = ‘roms/empty’
    • telebank4 = ‘roms/empty’
    • telebank5 = ‘roms/shellsd’
    • telebank6 = ‘roms/basicsd’
    • telebank7 = ‘roms/kernelsd’

Start oricutron

Running Orix

    • you  can list all banks available with
  • if you want to see all commands available launch help
#help -b5
    • put a .tap file (not a multitapfile) in usdcard folder, start oricutron, and launch basic11 then cload your tape file
    • you can launch monitor with this