April 25, 2018



The goal of this project was to provide a mass storage on the oric. That is why a new hardware had been release for Atmos and Telestrat. It can handle 32 GB FAT sdcard and 32 GB FAT USB key

Orix had been created to handle this new storage. Orix runs into 32 KB of ROM. It means that all the memory (48KB) is available.

On Orix OS, a file can be load at 46KB/sec

The goal is to provide everything with one hardware and one OS. But you can start atmos rom. Every tape file will be loaded from usb key.


Orix has be done to have an universal OS (working on all Oric machine). The main goal was to start and code on the native machine.

The first preview of Orix was at the Alchimie meeting in France (october 2016).

The first released version had been shown at the ceo meeting (january 2017)

The final card was release in June 2017.