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Build a rom for orix

October 31, 2018 jede 0

Clone this repo : $fff5 : .res 2 (pointeur vers la liste des commandes de la ROM) a voir comment je comment je m’arrete […]

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Coding : open a filename

June 28, 2018 jede 0

#include "../orix/src/include/orix.h" #include "../orix/src/include/macro.h" ; set the header FOPEN(filename,O_RDONLY); Macro open in readonly ; A register contains FP id rts filename .asc "/opt/toto.txt">

Orix header

June 1, 2018 jede 0

This header had been created in order to manage CPU version, rom version, language version etc Orix is a simple OS. All specs of this […]

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Coding : displays a string

May 31, 2018 jede 0

Send a string on the screen (depending of cursor position) #include "../orix/src/include/orix.h" #include "../orix/src/include/macro.h" ; set the header PRINT(str) rts str .asc "hello world !",0