Sending OUPS sound .include "" BRK_TELEMON XOUPS Sending Explode sound .include "" BRK_ORIX XEXPLO Sending ping sound .include "" BRK_ORIX XPING Sending shoot sound .include "" BRK_ORIX XSHOOT Sending ZAP sound .include "" BRK_ORIX XZAP Sending 14 registers to PSG .include "" ldx #<ping_data ldy #>ping_data BRK_ORIX XSONPS rts ping_data: .byte $18,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$00,$3e,$10,$00,$00,$00,$0f,$00

Keyboard management

Please note that joystick will work too if you use theses primitives because telemon traps joystick too. Waiting to  key .include "".import toto; set the header@loop: BRK_TELEMON XRD0 bcc key_pressed jmp loop@key_pressed:; At this step A contains ASCII Key pressed .byte 12.word addr.ifdef TOTO.endif.define Trying to find key pressed