Orix v2021.2 Release

Full manual here : https://github.com/orix-software/user_manual/blob/master/twilighte_board_manual.pdf


  • Twil message changed when we swap to usb drive or sdcard : /dev/usb1 and /dev/sda1 for sdcard
  • mount displays now /dev/usb1 for usbdrive
  • bank can start every rom (it reads $fffa/b)
  • Fix bug when we reach the end of line and when we hit “del” on the first colunm of the next line


  • kbhit() is now working
  • Fix conio lib in telestrat target (many bugs fixed)
  • add chdir() in telestrat target
  • add clock() in telestrat target
  • bug fix in joysticks mask : left and right are inverted.


  • Now -c flag initialize ram with new ROM format


  • Bug fix in oricutron for time for files under linux. (ls -l is now working)

Twil lib

  • New lib to work with banking