Orix releases

Orix release v2023.1 https://orix-software.github.io/update/2023_1/ Orix release v2022.4 https://orix-software.github.io/update/2022_4 Orix release v2022.3 https://orix-software.github.io/update/2022_3/ Orix release v2022.1 Shell Kernel basic11 Systemd (Loader) See manual to proceed update

Orix v2021.4 Release

Kernel update to 2021.4 signature Move some malloc table from page2 Big clean for XOP, XCL, XWR, ADIOB Shell Add funct + B shortcut : it starts Basic1.1 ROM Add funct + G shortcut : it starts basic11 Menu

Orix v2021.2 Release

Full manual here : https://github.com/orix-software/user_manual/blob/master/twilighte_board_manual.pdf SHELL Twil message changed when we swap to usb drive or sdcard : /dev/usb1 and /dev/sda1 for sdcard mount displays now /dev/usb1 for usbdrive bank can start every rom (it reads $fffa/b) Fix bug when we reach the end of line and when we hit “del” on the first colunm Read more about Orix v2021.2 Release[…]

Orix v2021.1 Release

KERNEL Fix a bug when a command line is greater than 20 bytes (and should correct some orixcfg crashes) Add XMAINARGS primitive : https://orix-software.github.io/orix8bits/primitives/xmainargs/ add XGETARGV primitive : https://orix-software.github.io/orix8bits/primitives/xgetargv Fix some bug in XFREE primitive when a free chunk is created : now it’s merged when these chunk is merged Fix overflow when command is Read more about Orix v2021.1 Release[…]


This file contains all files (binaries and data) in http://repo.orix.oric.org/dists/official/tgz/6502/ you can download the file here : http://repo.orix.oric.org/dists/official/tgz/6502/sdcard.tgz You need to download this file, and you can use (tar/gzip to uncompress or 7z under windows to uncompress) all files must be copied in the root folder of the sdcard. In that way, you will have Read more about sdcard.tgz[…]