Orix v2021.1 Release

KERNEL Fix a bug when a command line is greater than 20 bytes (and should correct some orixcfg crashes) Add XMAINARGS primitive : https://orix-software.github.io/orix8bits/primitives/xmainargs/ add XGETARGV primitive : https://orix-software.github.io/orix8bits/primitives/xgetargv Fix some bug in XFREE primitive when a free chunk is created : now it’s merged when these chunk is merged Fix overflow when command is Read more about Orix v2021.1 Release[…]


This file contains all files (binaries and data) in http://repo.orix.oric.org/dists/official/tgz/6502/ you can download the file here : http://repo.orix.oric.org/dists/official/tgz/6502/sdcard.tgz You need to download this file, and you can use (tar/gzip to uncompress or 7z under windows to uncompress) all files must be copied in the root folder of the sdcard. In that way, you will have Read more about sdcard.tgz[…]

Twilighte Board : User manual

Full manual here : https://github.com/orix-software/user_manual/blob/master/twilighte_board_manual.pdf It only works with Oric atmos or Oric-1 with a 6502. See videos below or on this youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC19I95o-bSklE5KRf31bfqw This card almost work with a 65C816 but for instance, sdcard loading is not enough reliable. It does not replace a microdisc, jasmin (but it almost could) or cumulus. Read more about Twilighte Board : User manual[…]

Conversion de la twilighte board V0.3 vers la version V0.6

La carte V0.6 a les mêmes fonctionnalités que la V0.3 (mais en fonction du firmware installé, elle fait plus de chose comme l’accès aux 512KB de SRAM et 512KB de EEPROM également), mais cette nouvelle carte est sans patch, fonctionne avec le 6502 et est sur un seul étage Si vous voulez partir de la Read more about Conversion de la twilighte board V0.3 vers la version V0.6[…]