Twilighte card


This card  handles 16KB*7 banks



  •  2 Straps (brown straps)
  • Network resistor don’t follow mask on pcb
Handles Orix
USB Key reader (FAT32)
sdcard reader (FAT32)
16KB*7 Banks (rom)
Manage overlay ram
Manage Joysticks
Manage Mouse
Manage USB Mouse with tom2
Manage USB joypad with tom2
Manage USB mouse (without TOM2)
Firmware can be updated But with a eeprom programmer
Compatibility with Sittler card V0.2
Compatibility with 6502
Compatibility with WDC65C02
Compatibility with WDC65C816
can works with Jasmin
can works with Cumana
can works with Microdisc
can start .tap
can works with ftdos
can works with Sedoric
manage MMU
eeprom can be programmed on the card
Kit available
Oricutron ready
Handles $314 microdisc register
Twilighte register
can works with synthesis vocal from VTR/mageco
can works with synthesis vocal from technimusique




==== Features ====

=== 2 joysticks port ===

=== 7*16 KB Rom banks ===