Command : basic11


Start atmos ROM. You can cload and csave on sdcard.


You must put tape file in the root folder of the sdcard. Starts “basic11”, and cload your game. You can also start the game with the command line : basic11 “ZIPNZAP”


Start atmos ROM


Start atmos ROM with a tap file (tape file name must be in uppercase)

/#basic11 "DEFENDER"


  • starts multitap and games which did not works with v2020.2 (starts now : defence-force, the hobbit, frelon, harrier attack) with a special rom for Frelon and The hobbit
  • load .Tap faster (1 sec for 37KB tape for example)


  • starts many games in multitap files and joysticks are managed in


  • basic11 rom version, it does not handle joystick and multitap files.

For any questions post here (in english or french), your account must be validated before posting :

Load .tap file

Since v2020.3, a lot of games starts. If you have some problem with .tap file, you can add a topic (in english or french and we will try to answer.

There is 3 versions of basic rom. For instance, we have released only one. But, others version can start the hobbit or frelon. For example.

Each version of the rom can be loaded on the card in a ram bank or rom bank with orixcfg and starts with bank with the id of the bank

Working TAPES

  • all except l’aigle d’or (tested with standard Rom)


Games can be played with joystick port of twilighte board without any game patch. The basic ROM can handle it.

If you want to play to a game with joystick port, you need to plug a DB9 joystick (atari type) in a port of the twilighte board.

You need to start rom with basic11 command (or bank command)

Now, if you have already a tape file to load keyboard/joystick conversion, you can cload it, and run it. And, now you can cload the game.

When you want to set key and joystick direction, you need to poke in zero page, matrix keyboard code in each offset :

  • $f5: Down
  • $f6: Right
  • $f7: Left
  • $f8: Fire
  • $f9: Up

A matrice.tap exists in order to type on the keyboard, and get the matrix keyboard. You can also csave your configuration too and cload after this.

Games tested with joysticks supports (more games work but we did not test all 2500 games on the oric)

  • Ghost gobbler
  • freecell
  • Super Jeep
  • Nabdc (boulder dash clone)
  • Dracula
  • kong (tilt)
  • 4kkong
  • cyclotron
  • flappy
  • edge
  • psychiatric

Games which did not work yet with joysticks

  • Zorgons
  • Defence-force
  • Xenon 1
  • Xenon 3
  • Impossible Mission
  • Stormlord (but works natively with Orix)
  • Oricium (work on Orix native with joystick)
  • Pulsoids (Twilighte did it but in tap version, Telestrat joysticks had been removed)
  • lorigraph
  • skooldaze
  • manicminer