Orix v2021.3 Release


  • fix bug when a binary is loaded from bin folder
  • now kernel can execute all banks (from 1 to 64 id bank)
  • all banks are scans to find the command. If the command requested is not found in theses banks, device is accessed to find command in /bin


  • New proto void twil_set_bank_signature(char *signature); set bank name,
  • New proto : unsigned char twil_get_id_bank(unsigned char bank, unsigned char set) : get id bank
  • new proto : void _twil_program_rambank_id(char *file, unsigned char idbank); Load idbank with file
  • new routine for assembly routine : twil_copy_buffer_to_ram_bank (copy AY buffer into X id bank and others params)
  • Fix bug : when a .rom was in a folder it was impossible to load. Now, it can be load from any path


  • -w -f flags added to flush ram bank
  • Progress bar added when kernel is updated
  • -b XX -l file : flags added, now if XX is >31, it’s possible to load “file” in XX bank. For eeprom programmation (XX<32), “orixcfg -r -s” flags still needs to be used


  • file now displays orix binary v2 informations


  • ls returns I/O error when device storage can’t be accessed
  • twil command has now less options : -w -s -r options are removed because they are no longer useful (see bank command)