Orix v2020.4 Release


  • Displays change at boot : it displays now right memory (rom and eeprom)
  • Fix a bug : when we type 4 times a command which does not exists, we reached max malloc, and kernel refuses to start any others process
  • Now kernel can swap from sdcard to usbkey (see twil and mount command)
  • Fix two bugs in XFREE primitive


  • cd : fix a bug when we are in / and we do cd ..
  • twil : 2 new parameters -d and -u (twil -u swap to usbkey device, twil -d swap to sdcard device)
  • man page added for twil
  • mount command added
  • mount displays now where root is mounted.
  • touch command added (‘touch myfolder’ works but not touch /ddf/ddd)
  • mkdir command added (‘mkdir myfolder’ works but not mkdir /ddf/ddd)
  • bank and basic11 command send controler mode in $99 (zp) to the ROM
  • bank now does not displays signature with ula attributes
  • bank displays bank list signature shorter (‘bank’ string is removed from each line
  • cp and mv are disabled because it’s not working
  • ps is fixed for id of the process
  • basic11 default rom is replaced to game Rom in order to have more software compatibility. That is why bank 6 displays wrong signature.


  • Release Oricium for orix kernel (native mode).
  • add joysticks supports except second button
  • Dirty joysticks management (code could manage joysticks smoother)


  • joysticks support (but only one port is managed : if joystick does not work, change joystick port)


Use usb connection with PC check this link

How to upgrade

  1. get http://repo.orix.oric.org/dists/official/tgz/6502/carts.tgz
  2. unzip it on sdcard
  3. move var/share/carts/2020.4/*.r64 to /
  4. If you want to use sdcard default device, Place to the root of the sdcard : kernelsd.r64
  5. type : orixcfg -r -s 4 /kernelsd.r64
  6. type Y
  7. Wait, Oric will reboot
  8. get sdcard.tgz (see doc here : http://orix.oric.org/sdcard-tgz/) unzip it