Command : orixcfg

  • orixcfg -i : displays info
  • orixcfg -v : displays version
  • orixcfg -h : displays help
  • orixcfg -r -s X romfile64KB.r64 : Load romfile into set X
  • orixcfg -w -s X -b Y romfile16KB : Load romfile in bank Y into set X in RAM slot
  • orixcfg -w -s X -b Y -c : Clear RAM in set X and bank Y

Don’t forget space between arg.

Initialialize Ram bank

SRAM displays garbage with bank command when you did not initialize the bank. You can clear this bank like this (for exemple set 0 and bank 4)

/# orixcfg -w -s 0 -b 4 -c

Load a rom or data into a RAM bank

You can load a special rom into a ram slot (for exemple set 0 and bank 3)

/# orixcfg -w -s 0 -b 3 /basicsd.rom

Load a rom or data into ROM bank

In that case, it’s not possible to load only one bank of 16KB. You have to load a set (64KB of rom). You can load one rom (like monitor) and 3 others empty in the file.

/# orixcfg -r -s 1 /monitor.r64