Twilighte Board : User manual

Work only with Oric atmos or Oric-1 with a 6502. See videos below or on this youtube channel :

This card almost work with a 65C816 but for instance, sdcard loading is not enough reliable.

It does not replace a microdisc, jasmin (but it almost could) or cumulus. It loads tape file and others binaries. In the future, FTDOS and a sedoric programs could be loaded from sdcard, but it’s not coded yet.


  • .tap file loading (with multitap files)
    • Joysticks support for a lot of games on atmos mode
    • the hobbit, defence-force (and others games)works without patch for loading.
  • in system : kernel update, roms and ram update (with orixcfg binary)
  • 2 DB9 Joysticks (atari)
  • 512KB of EEPROM (banking mode)
  • 512KB of RAM (banking mode)
  • read from sdcard or usb drive (mass storage)
  • ram saved with a battery


  • Expansion board with reset button (and connector to connect Jasmin or vocal synthesizer for example), please check compatibility below
  • Twilighte board

Hardware not included

  • sdcard
  • joysticks
  • usb to DB9 converter for joysticks
  • storage usb key

Minimum hardware requirement.

  • Oric-1 or Atmos with a 6502 CPU (some issues are discovered on some Oric : mainly issue 3 of the motherboard)
  • FAT32 sdcard (Max 32GB). Tested with a Samsung 32GB evo for example.
  • PSU used : 9V/2A

Extra hardware

  • Fat32 storage usb key : Atmos ROM with this device is available but this ROM is not inserted in the default set of ROM. If you want it, contact me.
  • DB9 atari joysticks : Theses joysticks port works with atari joystick pinout. Oricium (Orix version) works with this joystick
  • usb joysticks to DB9 converter. Used for tests : TOM2 hardware and Wireless Logitech Gamepad F710
  • usb mouse : driver is not written yet.


  • The card does not work with a 65C02 yet (only sdcard reader issue)
  • The card does not work with 65C816 yet (only sdcard reader issue)
  • The card does not work with Cumulus, Microdisc, Cumana, Erebus or others expansions which replaces the internal ROM.
  • The SRAM is battery saved in this version.
  • Ribbon cable is not supported (not tested), but it could

Get started

Insert a sdcard in the Twilighte card. The sdcard must be in FAT32 format. The sdcard chip can’t handle sdcard greater than 32GB.

Insert card into Oric expansion port.

plug the card into Oric expansion port

Power on the oric. That screen should display prompt.


You can plug DB9 joypad/joysticks (Atari). Two joysticks can be connected or two db9 mouse if you can find theses mouses (it’s not serial mouse). It’s mouses used on Amiga or Atari. The software is not handled for mouse. AMX mouse from CPC is working.

Software is not handled for joysticks part (except Oricium) on Orix native mode (but many games with basic11 command are available with joysticks). With some extension as TOM2 hardware, you can plug usb joysticks into these 2 ports.

Usb port

Usb port can manage usb key (FAT32, max 32GB). It can also manage standard usb mouse, usb joystick or usb keyboard. No software is written yet.

Reset button

Reset button

Some videos (available features)

Tape file loading and reset.

ls and wildcard

Help command (and parameters to list commands from banks)

Oricium with joypad

Kernel update from command line

See orixcfg command

Loading tapes

See basic11 command

Plays Oric games with joystick without any game modification

See basic11 command

Playing video works both on telestrat and atmos

Hardware trouble shooting

sdcard can’t be mounted

  • check if sdcard is inserted correctly

card does not work on my Oric

  • We discovered some compatibily issues with some Oric (mainly issue 3 motherboard)