Command : Vidplay

Download here the tgz. gzip + tar on sdcard. On the Telestrat :

# cd /usr/share/vidplay
# ls
#vidplay thefileyouwant.vhi

Usage : vidplay file.vhi

How to convert a video file into the format VHI

  • Download VLC
  • Download pictconv (OSDK package)
  1. use vlc to convert video into 240*XXX video
  2. use VLC to have each frames :
  3. Convert each frames (you should keep 1 frame every 6 frames) into hir format (using pictconv, raw format)
  4. Open the final raw file (with all frames) in a hex editor
  5. add VHI (3 letters) at the beginning of the file, 0 for the forth byte, 2 bytes for the number of the frame (little endian), 2 bytes for the size of each frame (in bytes and little endian)

This tool does not manage deltapaking or crunched data. It could be done … some day 🙂