What is it ?

Orix is an new OS for Oric computer. The goal of this OS is to handle all configuration for the oric. It means that if you have a Telestrat or an atmos, you can run the same binary.

Orix is running on :

  • a Telestrat with 2 cardridges and an external SDCARD/USB extension.
  • an Atmos with Twilighte card
  • Oricutron (but Twilighte card is not fully emulated)

Twilighte card is a new card which upgrade Atmos to Telestrat features (except FDC and Serial port). It handles bank switching, joystick/port, usb port, sdcard support. Twilighte card handles 512KB of ROM and 512KB of RAM with banking trick.

Orix handleq a kernel and a shell with an Atmos rom. It means that tap file can be started with basic11 command. Forth command is available too, it’s possible to code in forth and save it on sdcard.

Start it on Oricutron

See this tutorial : it’s not the last version, many updates had been done, and are not released yet.

Start it on Telestrat

Telestrat has FDC, it means that it’s possible to start microdisc program with boot-fd

You need :

  • a Sdcard reader/usb port hardware : Oric HD
  • at least one three bank cardridge with kernel, basic11 and shell.
  • Optionnally a right cardridge with 4 banks

Start it on Atmos

Available hardware : http://orix.oric.org/hardware/twilighte-card-v0-3/


In the future, Orix will handle ftdos program, sedoric program