Orix v2020.3 Release


  • Fix keyboard buffer which did not work on some oric
  • Cleaning source code


  • cd command added (it allows to enter in a directory with absolute or relative path except with ../ at the begining), it supports cd .. and cd /. OOM fixed in cd command
  • fix overflow in command line (command must be smaller than 37 bytes now)
  • man command added
  • fix bug in lscpu which display 65C8166502 when a 65C816 is detected
  • fix some length of font’s name in /usr/share/fonts/ folder
  • remove debug in twil command
  • rm command added

basic11 and atmos rom

Load atmos tape file from sdcard. See basic11

  • multipart works
  • joysticks for many games works without any game patch
  • Others games works without any game patch :
    • the hobbit (with a special ROM which need to be load in another bank : contact us)
    • Frelon
    • Harrier Attacks
    • 3D fongus
    • Defence Force

New tool : orixcfg

Tool to manage rom and ram bank see : orixcfg

  • Update kernel
  • load a 64KB bank into ROM
  • Load a 16KB ram into RAM
  • Initialiaze ram bank
  • Displays eeprom info.


sdcard is a tgz archive which contains all files from http://repo.orix.oric.org/dists/official/tgz/6502/ folder. You need to download sdcard.tgz and untar/gunzip it on your sdcard with binary and others stuffs (see get sdcard.tgz (see doc here : http://orix.oric.org/sdcard-tgz/)

New tool : gunzip

  • Can only unzip file less than 48KB

Known bugs

  • shell : cd could not work sometimes
  • shell : sometimes, shell did not recognize commands
  • monitor : monitor can not be started
  • shell : man pages are not updated
  • kernel : malloc primitive can corrupt binary in memory
  • kernel : it still displays 64KB for RAM and ROM, even if twilighte board adds 512KB of ROM and 512KB of RAM
  • shell : rm sometimes does not remove the file
  • shell : cp does not work
  • orixcfg : Impossible to use command line when a rom or ram is loaded